Professional Career Pathways

Open-Der is a careers advice service for students on the UIB Degree in Law that offers:

  • Information on professional career pathways and postgraduate training.
  • Information on useful curricular 'Presentations' throughout the year.
  • The chance to speak to and gain advice from Open-Der lecturers.
  • Talks with professionals. These talks comprise information meetings with a small number of students who get the chance to speak to invited professionals about their doubts concerning access to and everyday responsibilities in the corresponding profession.
  • Information on other useful curricular activities linked to the legal sphere.

The supervisors for Open-Der are Professor Federico Garau Sobrino (Professor in International Private Law) and Senior Lecturer Mª Nélida Tur Faúndez (Senior Lecturer in Civil Law). 

If you would like more information, please see Twitter. And if you are a student at the Faculty of Law, you can get information from the Information for Law Degree Students page on campus extens.