Quality System

The Faculty of Law's Commitment to Quality

The Dean of the Faculty of Law herein states the faculty's commitment to quality and continuous improvement in its activities.

We are committed to:

  1. Embrace quality as a fundamental value and implement a culture of continuous improvement in accordance with the criteria and directives of the EHEA and the quality objectives set by the UIB.
  2. Pay attention to the needs and expectations of target groups (including students, lecturers, public administrations, employers and society in general), offer public information, accountability and promoting participation amongst all target groups.
  3. Ensure process management is implemented and raise efficiency and effectiveness in the Faculty of Law.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law deems quality to be a permanent objective and target, and a method of working that should apply to each and every member of the management team. This is why we are committed to ensuring the entire organisation is aware of this and to implementing the necessary measures to attain quality management.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law will ensure compliance with this commitment to quality and regularly review to make sure it is remains appropriate.